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We aim to keep things clear and simple, honest and fair, this simple philosophy is why our clients keep coming back for more.

The main services we offer fall into the following categories: web design, database development and Flash innovation.



We've been providing bespoke online solutions for the last 21 years. We design, develop and innovate.

To give an example of previous projects we have worked on, our clients have benefited from the following:-

  • Website design
  • 3D modelling and animation
  • Database development and management (view example)
  • Fully customisable online shops (view example)
  • Secure login areas
  • Stock management
  • Custom mass emailing systems (view example)
  • User tracking and search engine keyword analysis
  • Calendar booking systems integrated with current Intranet systems
  • AJAX Searching Tooltip autofill (view example)
  • Statistical analysis of visitors and keyword searches
  • Word and Excel website integration with auto invoice, despatch note creation
  • Auto email reminder systems
  • HTML e-News CMS (view example)
  • SQL database replication
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) to create and edit their own latest news (view example)
  • Marketing reports from your own database/Intranet
  • Logo designs (vector or raster)
  • Dynamic navigation (with Flash, DHTML or JavaScript) (view example)
  • Graphic / image designs and montages
  • Flash presentations (view example)
  • Website hosting and domain name registrations
  • Dynamic Flash websites (view example)
  • Search engine optimisations (SEO): directory structuring, alt tags, meta tags, layout management, image optimisations and key phrase optimisations and ROI analysis (view example)
  • Paperless Direct Debit bespoke integration (view example)
  • Integration with Adobe Connect Pro to client's student support services website, using the Connect XML API and Windows Server (ASP). Including online curriculums, meetings and virtual classrooms

All of the above are just some examples of the projects we have worked on in the past, get in contact with us for more information about what your specific requirements are.



Just after a website? The following options are to give you a rough estimate on what a website costs. Because everyone wants a ballpark figure beforehand here are some examples for small projects:-

OPTION 1 - Your designs, our expertise :: From £360
Have the time but not the budget?!
> If you can provide the page designs, logo, all images, text and strap lines, this is the most cost effective solution for you
> Simply provide us with the rough designs you're after (in Word, PowerPoint, on rough paper if you like!), and we'll build it
  This option is aimed at the smaller organisation or home user, click for more information...
OPTION 2 - SMB start-up website revamp :: From £900
Website start-up / revamp
> Custom designs with unlimited revisions on graphics
> 12 month quality assurance
> Backed by over 21 years of IT experience
  Aimed at the small business needing a professional website, click for more information...
OPTION 3 - Bespoke online solution :: From £???
Bespoke online solution
> We can build any online solution you need
> Online shop, stock management, mass emailing systems, database management, statistical analysis, SQL databases...
> We can also develop any existing web applications that you have in place
  For the small or mid to large businesses, this is your custom built online solution, click for more information...

Prices quoted are for guidance only. Prices are based on an average for each of the options at the standard hourly rate. Total costs can vary depending on the project.

All of our work is backed by our 7 standards.


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